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Located in Downtown Puebloʼs Historic District, Hopscotch Bakery is the culmination of a life-long dream and extremely hard work. Pastry Chef/Owner Mary Oreskovich, raised in the Steel City of Pueblo,...

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Visit Hopscotch Bakery on any given day and our bakers will have a mouth-watering variety of hand-crafted, fabulous cookies ready for you to savor. Choosing just one may be difficult...

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Steel City Granola Steel City Granola, named after our quirky yet beloved city, is every granola lover’s dream. Full of fabulous ingredients, including sun-dried cranberries, oven-roasted almonds and pecans, it’ll...

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At Hopscotch, sink your teeth into an elegant buttery croissant, delight in the grown-up sweetness of a chocolate bouchon, savor the rich creaminess of hand-made dulce de leche ice cream, or simply watch professionally trained pastry chef mary oreskovich frost cake layers in the large picture window.

This cheerful bake shop has resurrected the delicate baking traditions of the past using wholesome, colorado-grown ingredients.

Hopscotch has been deemed by out-of-towners as “definitely worth the drive!”